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"AltaVista's mission is to provide access to information to the global community... dedicated to setting the standard for search technology and how people find information. By innovating our proven search technology and adapting to the changing complexity of the Internet, we help users find what they need quickly and intuitively."

Dogpile "Dogpile is simply the easiest way to find better search results from more of the Web."
Google "In addition to providing easy access to more than 3 billion web pages, Google has many special features to help you to find exactly what you're looking for."
Mama " is a "smart" metasearch engine - every time you type in a query Mamma simultaneously searches a variety of engines, directories, and deep content sites, formats the words and syntax for each, compiles their results, eliminates duplicates, and displays them in a uniform manner according to relevance. It's like using multiple search engines, all at the same time."
MetaCrawler "With one single click, MetaCrawler searches the best results from the combined pool of the world's leading search engines -- instead of results from only one single search engine."
Technorati "Technorati tracks forms of citizen media, including blogs, video blogs (vlogs), podcasts, and amateur movies and videos--all in real time. All this activity is monitored and indexed within minutes of posting. Technorati provides a live view of the global conversation of the web, helping you to tune into what's interesting, topical, entertaining, and just plain fun--as it's happening."








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